HTC One X WiFi UPnP Issue

07 May 2012 at 13:41

The HTC One X is an excellent phone, I absolutely love it. From the feel in the hand, to easy browsing on the huge super sharp screen, to the Sense 4.0 overlay, the experience is buttery smooth. There have been a few issues that have been fixed with two updates since its release, however unfortunately these did not fix the problem I am having where wifi is killed when the phone is awoken from sleep whilst using a UPnP application.

I have contacted the developer of one fantastic UPnP app, BubbleUPnP, with the exact nature of the problem to see if a change in the way the software works could fix this, however after trying a couple of types of wifi lock he believes it’s most likely to be a multicast locking issue, and a problem specific to the phone itself.

I then raised a bug with HTC who, after a little wrangling, escalated it to the development team. After the dev team came back asking what router I am using, they decided this is not a bug they need to fix – the only UPnP functionality they support is that of the new Media Link HD hardware created for this line.

This does raise the question: should HTC have to fix the inability of the One X’s wifi to stay alive? This is clearly a wifi driver issue, but do they have a responsibility to make sure the phone provides all the functionality available in the android OS? Or can they cut features out as they desire? You could say they can take this line as they could decide not provide a number of hardware components such as bluetooth or wireless if they wanted. But in this case they are providing wifi but giving us an unreliable implementation. If they don’t support UPnP they should at least either remove it or make sure it doesn’t interfere with the rest of the phone if it used. 

I can only hope HTC fix this with a future software update.

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